MAHMUT ANLAR Founder- Chief Executive Designer

Mahmut Anlar was born in İstanbul in the year of 1963. Anlar graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University department of Architecture after St. George's Austrian High School. He founded his own company Geomim with the co-founder Yeşim Coşkun in 1991. Mahmut Anlar and Yeşim Coşkun fulfilled several design and decoration projects for the places including for social life, residence and work places. The partners worked together until the year of 2000 and Anlar run Geomim by himself after 2000. Mahmut Anlar led the way in the field of architecture associating Geomim and the 3 separate companies GeoID, Geometre and Geoyapı which respectively renders service in architectural fields; design, planning and construction.